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Hi everyone!  I’m Jen!  I hold several roles in life, including mom to two fabulous young adults, wife to an amazing husband, and a Kindergarten to 6th-grade educator.  Growing up in Oregon led to my love of the outdoors.  Camping was in my blood (as my parents like to say) and some of my favorite memories are from around the campfire, splashing in the river, or huddled under a shade tent playing games in the rain. (Remember, I’m from Oregon!)  


I attended the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and English.  I realized halfway through college that I really did not want to continue on to be a lawyer and took an internship in a local middle school.  I fell in love with teaching and that was the end of my career search!  Over 20 years later, I am still in education and loving every minute of it.  (In fact, that is where Deb and I met!)


I’m a recent “empty nester” with my daughter completing her first year at the University of Nevada, Reno, and my son is graduating from Oregon State University with a B.S. in computer science engineering and a minor in math.  While my kids were home, my life centered around them!  Sports practices, their friends, organizing schedules, etc. were my life.  I also enjoyed hosting the team parties, creating special mementos for the players, and creating just the perfect item for the coaches and other parents.  


I have always been passionate about crafting–starting with volumes of scrapbooks for the kids, creating decor items, and building furniture (I duped a Pottery Barn bookcase and just completed an outdoor farm patio table!)  This grew my love for creating items that evoke joy when they are used.  After a few glasses of wine around a campfire, and talks long into the night, Deb and I created the idea for Wild & Wonderful! 


Hey there!  Welcome to Wild & Wonderful! We are Deb & Jen, best friends that love to camp, have fun, laugh around the campfire, go on adventures (especially wine tasting) and enjoy life! We founded Wild & Wonderful in April of 2022, as COVID-19 (hopefully) waned, in response to our newfound priorities that a global pandemic helped illuminate.  Family, friends, fun, and adventure were high on our list of things that brought us joy through the lockdowns.  Time around the campfire, glasses of wine in hand, led to the idea to launch a company that provided outdoor or camping couture items which bring joy to those who use them.  We are avid campers (we currently both have Venture trailers and Ford trucks!) and wished we could find products that were purposeful, had a small footprint, and weren’t chintzy looking.  


And Wild & Wonderful was born!  Hosting a backyard BBQ?  Spending time on the lake?  Hiking that mountain this year?  Sitting around the campfire?  Listening to the waves crash? Grabbing your favorite corner table at the local winery?  Our products are perfect for all these moments and more!  Enjoy our range of products for making your time with friends and family filled with joy.  


Join us at Wild & Wonderful and do what brings you joy!



Hi there, I’m Deb! 


I’ve called Oregon home my whole life and have lived all over the state.  Growing up my parents loved to take my sister and I camping and fishing, especially at Detroit Lake.  After going to college in Eastern Oregon I moved to Central Oregon with my husband.  There, I became an elementary teacher and eventually, with a lot of hard work, I fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a principal.  


My husband and I lived in Central Oregon for 20+ years and camping was our favorite pastime with our two children, when we weren’t spending our weekends at swim meets.  From tent camping to motor homes, we’ve camped it all.  Many of our favorite memories are from those weekends in the woods with our motorcycles and sitting around the campfire making s'mores and roasting “squirrel tails” (cinnamon rolls).  


Fast forward a few years and I am now a grandma! We moved away from Central Oregon in order to be closer to our grandchildren..and I am LOVING being a grandma! I have always loved crafting, painting and even baking.  I love a good project and can immerse myself for hours, days and even weeks on end once I get started! I’m sure this is where my granddaughter gets her love of crafting and baking too!  She’s always by my side at the craft table or in the kitchen!


These past few years have shown me that what’s most important is family, friends and relationships!  It’s so easy to get lost in the day to day shuffle.  Deliberately stepping away and focusing on what really brings us joy is important.  Camping, walking on the beach, beautiful vineyard views, campfires and good company fuel my soul!  And to have a great friend like Jen to live life with is the cherry on top!  I hope you find what brings you joy and our little shop is a part of what makes you smile!


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Wild and Wonderful is devoted to creating the best decor allowing you to be equipped for all the fun times. When it comes to entertaining, you should always have the best of the best. So everything about the decor we design for you has your entertainment in mind. We want you to have the best-designed wine glasses, the coolest beer mugs, and joy-inspiring mugs for you to use when it matters the most. 

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